Our Sales Tools

MONAT supplies its Market Partners with a full range of sales tools to get their business started.

From a range of Product Packs to have inventory and Sampling Packs so Market Partners can spread the word with actual product, MONAT doesn’t leave any new Market Partner by themselves. Each Market Partner gets a replicated personal website and the ability to participate in numerous learning programs, including Meet MONAT welcome and how-to guide and the Market Partner Academy, with a full roster of business building classes, online right in their home. It’s so convenient!

MONAT also distributes a quarterly magazine called Dream Bigger, which recognizes achievers and includes selling tips, testimonials, how to qualify for awards and more. In addition, Direct Selling News has written two magazines about MONAT, covering the company’s entire history, its legendary success, information on its executive board and how the company’s sales process works.

In addition, MONAT provides Market Partners with a step-by-step guide for holding a Meet MONAT event, typically a cocktail hour fete, to which they invite friends, family and prospects. Meet MONATs, which briefly explain what MONAT is all about and the benefits of coming aboard as a Market Partner or VIP customer, are held frequently throughout the country and are enormously successful for expanding the MONAT team.

MONAT also holds many flash sales, which serve to motivate their customers to purchase more products than usual. Again, the flash sales are always successful and usually always result in new Market Partners and VIPs enrolling.

In addition,MONAT is proud to be the subject of the first Direct Selling News Special Report magazine. Direct Selling News is the direct selling industry’s No. 1 publication. The Special Report describes the entire timeline of MONAT and highlights the company’s singular history and culture. It is a cogent synopsis of MONAT’s beginnings to how it operates to how it has succeeded so well in only three years. Being in such a prestigious magazine is a fantastic selling tool…and it literally sells MONAT for Market Partners!

MONAT also holds many events throughout the year for those Market Partners who qualify that are focused on business building, featuring top tier motivational speakers known for their expertise in the direct selling industry. Workshops and engaging networking are also part of these events, enabling Market Partners to learn from each other. Their annual conference, MONATions United, is known for its motivational, life-changing experiences.

In sum, MONAT does it differently. It provide a built-in success platform, tools and real-life help to get Market Partners on their way. The proof? MONAT’s Million Dollar Club, where members have made over a million dollars in commissions. MONAT helps people develop financially rewarding lives.