Culture & Gratitude

MONAT® Global (MONAT) is a multinational manufacturer and distributor of premium hair care products. A direct selling company, MONAT's products are sold through its network of Market Partners.

MONAT has a strong and loving family culture, focusing on community, gratitude and giving back to others less fortunate. The company puts in place numerous programs to help charitable organizations and its Market Partners in their own charitable endeavors. Importantly, the company believes that family is always first. And they treat their Market Partners and customers like family too.

MONAT is on the cutting edge of hair care and hundreds of thousands of people follow the company on social media. Something new is happening all the time, whether it be new products, new styling tips, new events or even fun contents. In addition, many events happen live on Facebook and company happenings are continually chronicled so all can participate.

Not just for hair care, MONAT offers information on skin care, overall wellness, self-actualization and entrepreneurial business growth.

The attitude within MONAT is so full of energy, enthusiasm and love that people actually call it MONATtitude! Follow the company at Facebook and see for yourself what everyone is talking about.

If you want to become part of this culture, pick yourself up some MONAT Gear and spread the word!